The fundamental idea of the NHS and Social care is NOT broken:

Every citizen pays in, a wide risk pool,

The system needs a prudent surplus of doctors, surgeons, nurses, midwives

and buildings fit for a pandemic age

The system needs political leadership that believes in the NHS-i.e. not Tories…, not Labour...

No pay rises for anybody except NHS workers: would show they are valued.

Train and recruit twice as many medics, nurses and midwives as we do at present.

Invest in infrastructures, scanners, diagnostics-and cancer specialist oncologists

Leaders promise tax cuts-but Ukraine and the NHS need extra funds, not vanity projects such as HS2. Tax rises will be necessary.
Stop purchaser/provider
stop pfi
stop overseas tax havens
stop waste og doctors retiring
stop pensions cock-up
stop tax evasion
stop fraud
stop Google, Amazon and co evading taxes...

We need new large hospitals, not maximum throughput/just in time strategy...
Discharge only when care is available-house those awaiting discharge in new “discharge” wards,…

Private chains like Centene, BMI, BUPA, The Cleveland, Ramsey can build new hospitals-but steal staff from the NHS: they require insured patients, or rich self-pay patients
and should be entirely separate from the public NHS.

The last decade of Tory government has seen them wedded to bailing out private chains-block booking, at higher cost, lower returns

and the private chains are totally happy taking taxpayers money from the NHS, as well as staff and nurses...Edward Leigh MP
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

Sir Edward,

When Cameron retired, I wrote to Brady-suggesting a secret poll of Tory MPs elect a new PM-in-waiting, ready to take over immediately when one is ousted-rather than the disgusting hustings-where every candidate rubbishes each other, and previous Tory efforts to run the country.

The two month delay and paralysis of government means urgent actions are avoided-
like the crisis in NHS frontline staff leaving, the lack of beds and no maintenance of crumbling hospitals held up by Acrow props
-too few ambulances, too few observation beds pre discharge ,waiting for social care for the disabled… bed blocking...

Collective responsibility has certain advantages, and severe disadvantages: in order to gain promotion and peerages, every one of Boris’s cabinet member becomes a nodding yes-man, and no differing views are heard.

In the NHS, governments were warned decades ago of frontline manpower shortages, and a glut of promotion-bent whizz kid executives, and a shortage of beds-caused by PFI (smaller hospitals, fewer beds, fewer doctors, nurses, midwives-costing sevben times the capital cost

but as usual, Treasury rejected funding.

The Tories could make the NHS and Social care the best in the West-but fail dismally
wooing the private profiteer chains-cosy deals, at greater cost,
driving experienced staff out to other countries, early retirement (pensions cock-up…)
nurses to stop before trained
quitting when qualified…

Maggie’s wish to enforce private health insurance is impossible-
no insurance company can offer pre-existing,
totally comprehensive man, wife, child, maternity, including dental computer-milled crowns, periodontal surgery…

My sons firm in Boston, US and he pay $24000 for their health insurance.

Superman, Christopher Reeves, found his insurance did not cover spinal injury-and had to self-pay…

Great wheeze-great in a cost of living crisis
where Treasury have to get back their unwise spending (HS2, furlough, Di do’s test and trace, PPE etc 37 billion…

As usual-file this in the waste paper bin!!!


Steve Sanford
15 Sudbeck Lane




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