June Blog

“Stop the Tories”, “Get the Tories out” is all very well-but Labours’ proposals urgently need deep scrutiny...

Labour also want to be friendly to private profiteers-and use private hospital chains and Independent Treatment Centres, instead of building up the real NHS.
-can go bust
-take teams from the real NHS
-are more expensive-with every executive and shareholder taking their cut
-private corporations are bribing Labour MPs in readiness just as much as Tories…

Remove the high admin costs of
stop the contracting, bidding, contract writing-huge costs
Amazon, Google to pay proper taxes
stoip fraud
stop offshore tax havens
tax to be proportionate %

The GP Partner model is very effective, and allows self employed doctors to run their practices efficiently for the benefit of their patients-who get unlimited visits for only £148

Many NHS DH ministers want a Salaried Kaiser Permanente model-where
-hospitals are given or sold to a huge (US) profiteer corporation,
-who employ the doctors on a very strict diktat contract,
-and sell private health insurance…

Salaried could be 9-5, no overtime etc-but the Doctors will not sign up to profiteer corporation terms, and “go private”

Both parties favour Outsourcing
Private independent providers Any Qualified Provider
Independent private corporation polyclinics were formed after Lord Darzi bent the statistics, closing A & E units, polyclinics were tried but proved horrendously expensive and withered away

The obvious requirement is More Gps-but each takes eleven years to train.

not more AI and whizzy apps
not more patient choice-which means “private”
these diagnostic/polyclinics can go bust
and withdraw from contracts if unprofitable-like Centene etc

Basic premises

The NHS should be tax funded, public is equitable
Full pay restoration urgently required

Is this governments strategy-under fund-patients forced to go private
private health insurance is
very expensive, admin costs are high, fail to pay out
multi levels of cover
rich get best, poor get bankruptcy

Rationing may be necessary-but who decides must have the wisdom of -Solomon
What treatments in, what treatments out
The poor get second class, the rich get the best...

A fully funded workforce plan is required-Funded workforce
but after Truss wrecked the economy, there is “no more money for anything”
except water companies… etc