The media-newspapers and television-differ greatly in their discussions on the NHS, Care homes, and Social Care

The right wing Mail, Times, Telegraph, Spectator, Sun
publish NHS problems-always ending with a hidden message: US style private health insurance will solve everything!

The cause of problems is government!

Intentional, "secret" policies designed to bring forward Thatcher, Howe, Letwin, Redwood's final aim: completely privatise
the NHS, Care homes and Social care

Outsource, privatise everything (including your granny and fresh air...) Carillion goes bust.

Thatcher outsourced cleaning etc-standards fell, hospital then has to monitor and correct: lower standards, higher costs

Blair outsourced clinical treatments to Independent sector treatment units (factories)-higher costs, less trained
surgeons, worse results, stealing staff

Karzi Polyclinics were a privatised expensive failure

The Centene Circle takeover of Hinchingbrooke failed

Somerset diagnostic and imag/ing centre has just gone bankrupt...

The government strategy might be-allow all these DHSS drip fed horror stories to prepare the public for “urgent, necessary
introduction of US health insurance” -as Maggie wanted in 1990

The Guardian article here is spot on:
governments policies have been at fault-NOT the frontline NHS itself

-frontline staff, and more junior vocational managers move heaven and earth to improve treatment
-senior managers, in the Treasury, No 10, DHSS are Marketisers, profiteers who try to wring unachievable
throughput from too few doctors, nurses beds, midwives…, no Social Care, no Care homes…

A GP takes elevan years to qualify-the equivalent of two PHDs. These are brainy, dedicated, vocational, advocats for their patients, essential frontline NHS workers: they are not government's playthings, canon fodder...

They are also self employed: they do not have to accept the government's imposed contract... they can say no, and work in other systems...they do not have to obey government's diktat..
When they qualify-they can choose
to work in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, or become a public health specialist, private practice

A surgeon might take 16 years to rise to the top, respected, high standard. They might decide to work at The Cleveland, a private hospital chain, this country or abroad...

Ill thought out "messaging" Why not speak plainly ('cos they are politicians...)

Cameron said "pay off debts, reduce spending, save... Very sensible-but promptly shut down by Treasury, who wanted people to spend, spend, spend...
Boris urged a "high wage, high skills" economy -a bit stupid in a recession...
Government says
-"no payrises..."
-Sunak and his cabal of anti NHS cabinet colleagues ordered "no funding for future NHS, Care workforce", mega new austerity after spending billions bank bailouts, £37 billiuon on ineffective test & trace (Di do), furlough.
No tax rises even though defence and NHS, Care homes, Social care require funding...

Stop the excess expenditure, wasteful unecessary excess spending by

-stop purchaser provider
-stop PFI
-stop excess managers, lawyers, accountants, contract specialists ,ACOs, ICBs
-collect unpaid taxes, fraud, overseas tax havens, change tax rules for Google, Amazon etc


Government-Boris, Sunak and Javid are hypnotised by the Kaiser Permanente model in the US:
The corporation owns the hospital, employs the doctors, and sells insurance: the very worst of the evil US system of healthcare.

Javid wants Academy trust hospitals (which can be sold, given, bought by United Health, Centene et al)
(This is why they absolutely will not abolish the crazy, useless expensive purchaser provider-the private chains-United Health, Centene, Ramsey-can buy in the treatments they cannot yet provide: maternity, cardiac, stroke, ITU, emergency etc)

salaried doctors on a diktat contract, no professional independence, no ethics, no vocation-dictating how they work

insurance yet to come