Every candidate for the Tory lead seems to promise tax cuts...

Ukraine and the NHS need funding.

Tax has been raised over twelve years to pay off
-the bank crisis-caused by Brown, light touch of the gambling casino banks... ("I congratulate the city on their inventiveness...")
-wasted spending on covid-Di do's test and trace, Lighthouse labs
-furlough-rather than a humane, decent, income support scheme... and ccannot be reduced without borrowing rising further...

If tax cuts are enacted, the NHS and Care homes, Social care will be underfunded for years...


Torys have been determined to bail out private providers, rather than( less expensively) help the NHS build up frontline staff, beds, facilities like pathology services

Why has the DH not headed by a junior doctor, a public health expert-who have deep knowledge of the bottlenecks imposed by government...

Treasury should

-fund future workforce planning

-halve medic fees, double medical school places

-Pledge to support a publicly funded NHS, not feather bed profiteer, private chains, US ACOs, ICBs and US style private health insurance

Treasury will not even fund frontline staffing review, nor fund new staff : "no more money"
while allowing dozens of executives to be recruited for NHS England, ICOs ACOs...



-BUPA charge £500/month,£6k a year, for a 70 year old singleton-no preexisting, capped...

-full comp US health insurance family of three-$23k a year... Just what we need in a cost of living crisis

-Dental subscription £28/month, £336 a year, (plus fillings £100, root treatments £300, crowns £300, chromes £300)