The problem is, that despite campaigns such as “Keep Our NHS Public etc, the average man on the bus is still totally unaware of the 2012 and 2021 significance- keen nerdy “students” of the NHS do know, but only a big ad in the papers, a FB campaign, or a big name (I asked Rod Stewart and Elton John!!!) will have any effect on mad Boris…

He wants a legacy, to be known as Churchill, even wants to ignore the laws of the land and courts!
Lets give him a legacy-the PM who destroyed the NHS and Social Services...
A massive campaign on Facebook, and Twitter, urging everybody to remember him as the NHS destroyer might get the 2012 Act repealed and 2021 Act aborted…

The Tories know they can totally ignore campaigns, their MPs do not even reply to letters.
My website www.NHSFightback and is not seen even by dozens… but has all the info in “Explainers and resources “

No newspaper, TV or MP even wants to discuss this-the biggest influence on all of our lives…

For two years I have written and re written to all of them...

Front line staff dare not speak out-they are bullied, banned, sacked if they do...


Save Our NHS
The right course, so obviously, is to abort the 2021 Health and Social Care Act immediately, and concentrate of recruitment and training of more surgeons, doctors, nurses and midwives.
Then, urgently, form a sensible plan for the NHS and Social Care, integrating both under the NHS, before repealing the 2012 Lansley Monster Act entirely. These are the last thing the NHS needs when it is on its knees.

These were never “a step in the right direction”, purely profiteer privatising.

With all the profiteer privatisation, where on earth are these corporations going to get the doctors and nurses they require? Obviously, poach them from the real NHS…

Stop purchaser/provider,
Pay off PFI
restore the duty of the SoS for Health to provide comprehensive NHS

With child protection, allow experienced, persistent older police and Social workers to interview and examine child, parents and home without prior appointment

Explainers on


NHS Contact list
Channel 4 dispatches
Inside Out
Times, Spectator
Guardian guardian.letters@theguardian.comBBC
Matt Alright
Ed Balls
Johny Mercer
SoS for Health
Dr David Owen
38 degrees
Keep Our NHS Public
Private Eye MD
Allyson Pearson at Telegraph (usually bonkers Right Wing)
Liz Truss
Priti Patel Priti Patel MP House of Commons London SW1A 0AA.
Keir Starmer
Panorama BBC
Dispatches Ch 4

All Mps
House of Commons

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Search "Sanford" on Twitter and Facebook-retweet, repost until its broken!!!

The only idea I can fathom is a massive campaign but everybody needs to post and repost
(when you post “public”, not everybody sees your post, due to FB algorithms).

In Facebook- search sanford, repost the posts in purple and Boris personally, get all your contacts to do the same
what’s on your mind, ?
click the multicoloured icon bottom left
click the “four squares” icon right
click purple under popular
type in this message
keep reposting til we break Facebook

On Twitter

take screenshot of purple post on Facebook
save in desktop
click Tweet (bottom of left hand column
click on media icon (left hand-under anyone

insert the jpeg saved on desktop
click Tweet