Fight for our NHS and Social care...


Conservatives should conserve the UK's best achievement-and not sell out to the US profiteer private health lobby,

like United Health, Centene...

Governments of all parties have neglected the NHS and Social care for decades-Osbourne’s austerity has been worsened by Sunak’s version of mega austerity.
Real term cuts result in crumbling hospitals supported by Acrow props, no new hospitals even planned
(how about a new NHS hospital at Scampton…, and stop the closures of Gainsborough and Grantham?))

Frontline workers are now queuing up for their retirement pensions-driven to distraction by crass mismanagement and pay cuts, overload, anxiety and depression-but treasury ignore the signs and symptoms
GPs taking early retirement, nurses and midwives quitting-treasury ignore the signs and symptoms

Exclusive: Delays to pension payments after surge in retirements, by Nick Kituno, Lawrence Dunhill, 2 August 2022
The body which handles NHS pensions is struggling to process applications on time after a 50 per cent increase in retirements from the service.

Retention is poor-staff leaving at a greater rate than they are recruited,

budget capped-so cancer care has to be cut to pay well deserved pay awards-real term cuts...

Too few staff, beds, and the Civitas report confirms the NHS services are not the best…

Reorganisations, CCGs, ICBs commissioning cost soar, lawyers and accountants, whizz kid marketiser managers pushing out the many dedicated vocational public NHS managers who leave in desperation...

and Sunak even suggests fines for non attendance, others charges for hospital food, per night stays, -all of which cost more to collect than they raise...

and still the swivel-eyed loons want tax cuts...

Many right wing Tories demand tax cuts. There is a case to raise tax for a couple of years to fund Ukraine and the NHS better-or to pay off our debts, as interest rates rise again.
If taxes are cut, we will only see increased cuts to the NHS and other essential public services.
Labour, as always, say nothing of their proposals-indeed, seem joined at the hip with the Tories

The spending by Boris and Sunak's magic money tree, and the financial casino crash, has to be repaid by vat on food, gas, electric bills-and cannot be reduced...

Trust hospitals can pay their own salaries-before a very sensible national pay scheme had London weighting: this regional paycut would be disasterous...

The Treasury cap NHS spening: and force Trusts to reduce, say, cancer funding to pay pay awards-which are in reality, pay cuts.

The media-newspapers and television-differ greatly in their discussions on the NHS, Care homes, and Social Care

The right wing Mail, Times, Telegraph, Spectator, Sun
publish NHS problems-always ending with a hidden message: US style private health insurance will solve everything!The cause of problems is government!

Intentional, "secret" policies designed to bring forward Thatcher, Howe, Letwin, Redwood's final aim: completely privatise
the NHS, Care homes and Social care

Outsource, privatise everything (including your granny and fresh air...) Carillon goes bust: hospital builds stop, rail accidents....

Thatcher outsourced cleaning etc-stand


ards fell, hospital then has to monitor and correct: lower standards, higher costs

Blair outsourced clinical treatments to Independent sector treatment units (factories)-higher costs, less trained
surgeons, worse results, stealing staff

Darzi Polyclinics were a privatised expensive failure

The Centene Circle takeover of Hinchingbrooke failed

Somerset diagnostic and imaging centre has just gone bankrupt...

The government strategy might be-allow all these DHSS drip fed horror stories to prepare the public for “urgent, necessary introduction of US health insurance” -as Maggie wanted in 1990





The Guardian article here is spot on:
governments policies have been at fault-NOT the frontline NHS itself

-frontline staff, and more junior vocational managers move heaven and earth to improve treatment

-senior managers, in the Treasury, No 10, DHSS are Marketisers, profiteers who try to wring unachievable throughput from too few doctors, nurses beds, midwives…, no Social Care, no Care homes…

A GP takes eleven years to qualify-the equivalent of two Ph.Ds. These are brainy, dedicated, vocational, advocates for their patients, essential frontline NHS workers: they are not government's playthings, canon fodder...

They are also self employed: they do not have to accept the government's imposed contract... they can say no, and work in other systems...they do not have to obey government's diktat..

When they qualify-they can choose
to work in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, or become a public health specialist, private practice

A surgeon might take 16 years to rise to the top, respected, high standard. They might decide to work at The Cleveland, a private hospital chain, this country or abroad...

Mixed/wrong misspeak messaging...
Cameron said "pay off debts, reduce spending, save...
Boris urged a "high wage, high skills" economy
Government says "no pay rises..."
Sunak ordered "no funding for future NHS, Care workforce", mega new austerity after spending billions on bank bailouts, Brown’s “light touch” on test & trace (Di do), furlough,

No tax rises even though defence and NHS, Care require funding...

Stop excess spending by
stop purchaser provider
stop PFI
stop excess managers, ACOs, ICBs
collect unpaid taxes, fraud, overseas tax havens, change tax rules for Google, Amazon etc

When Cameron retired, I wrote to Brady-suggesting a secret poll of Tory MPs elect a new PM, ready to take over immediately when one is ousted-rather than the disgusting hustings-where every candidate rubbishes each other, and previous Tory efforts to run the country.

Collective responsibility has certain advantages, and severe disadvantages: in order to gain promotion and peerages, every one of Boris’s cabinet member becomes a nodding yes-man, and no differing views are heard.

In the NHS, governments were warned decades ago of frontline manpower shortages, and a glut of promotion-bent whizz kid executives, and a shortage of beds-caused by PFI (smaller hospitals, fewer beds, fewer doctors, nurses, midwives

but as usual, Treasury rejected funding.

The Tories could make the NHS and Social care the best in the West-but fail dismally
wooing the private profiteer chains-cosy deals, at greater cost,
driving experienced staff out to other countries, early retirement (pensions cock-up…)
nurses to stop before trained
quitting when qualified…

Maggie’s wish to enforce private health insurance is impossible-

no insurance company can offer pre-existing,
totally comprehensive man, wife, child, maternity, including dental computer-milled crowns, periodontal surgery…
My sons firm in Boston, US, and he pay $24000 a year for their private US health insurance.

Superman, Christpher Reeves, found his insurance did not cover spinal injury-and had to self-pay…

Introducing expensive partial US private health insurance is a Great wheeze-great in a cost of living crisis

where Treasury have to get back their unwise spending (HS2, furlough, Di do’s test and trace, PPE etc 37 billion…

As usual-file this in the waste paper bin!!!

The first duty of private profit companies is to increase profits for shareholders.

They compete, not for lower prices, better service, but greatest profits.

Whether in health services, gas and electric, or transport, profits eclipse good service or lower prices.

The NHS and Social care could again be the best in the west-but more frontline staff, beds and investment is needed, not cuts, and profiteer private companies kept out. Tax may need to rise to fund the NHS and Ukraine.

Repeated government reorganisations to allow in profiteers holds back improvement.

The staff and beds crisis has been prophesied for decades, and governments rely on “just about managing” , crunch the NHS frontline harder-with more cuts year on year.

Sunak lead a cabal in cabinet against the NHS-the suggestion he should be minister for health, who has now no duty to provide a comprehensive NHS is risible.