March blog


Purchaser provider:
the governments want this to allow profiteer insurers to be able to buy intensive care, ambulance services, A & E, maternity from NHS hospitals

Ken Clark started this to break up the unions in the Nhs
and open up the NHS to profiteer providers

The Lansley Monster bill

-intended open up NHS tax revenues to private profiteer companies, and force (horrendously expensive, fruitless) tendering for NHS contracts with profiteer providers

each having many executives, CEOs each taking a cut
prime duty is to deliver profits to shareholders
not duty to patient,

McKinsey, Ernst & Young were inserted at every level of the NHS-privateers demanding huge daily fees

ISTCs were set up by profiteers, given higher than NHS tariff, only simple cases, complex back to NHS, who covered damages

Private hospital chains-paid even if not used

Private chains take NHS teams from the real NHS

(The Cleveland employs staff-but poaches them from the understaffed NHS)

The NHS requires
-sustained long term investment to reverse decline casused by Tories thirteen years of

Health Foundation:”UK spent £40 billion LESS than comparable European countries
per capita

End outsourcing and privatisation

Independent sector (profiteering) by NHS increased by 659% 2012-2021, creating waste
Centre for Health: waste £4.5 billion managing purchaser providers 557 preventable deaths died due to outsourcing

Reinstate the NHS as a fully public service as in Dr Owen’s reinstatement bill-intended

Patient pots are ridiculous: a patient is most unlikely to know how to spend money on health wisely. when it runs out-need top up insurance

Charges for GP & A & E ridiculous; would need a cashier to collect the cash, certify who qualifies for treatment…

Once small charges introduced-rapidly increase!

Paying patients then demand priority, better treatment: destroys equity of NHS.