July blog

Tories announce plan for more privatisation:

The new diagnostic centres should be in existing NHS hospitals, not run by profiteers for shareholders, staffed by retained and recruited NHS frontline staff (with full pay restoration), not stolen from the real NHS.

They can, and do, go bust. Staff lose pay and their jobs.

Private chains cherry pick simpler cases, the NHS have to sort out negligence claims, sort out complications with a depleted system, and the profiteers get higher tariff prices for simplest patients, with worse outcomes...

The overriding impression is that the NHS and Social care situation is now dire, desperate and serious.
The Tories seem intent on filling their boots before losing the election, and dismantling the NHS before privatisation.
I believe both Tory and Labour will bring in Kaiser Permanente before the election-where
-US companies are given the hospitals
-employ doctors
-who sell private medical insurance
running health like Accountable Care Organisation-keeping patients out of hospital, refusing treatment, forcing many to go private.

Truss tanked the UK economy, so Hunt tries the “absolutely no money for anything" trick. Citizens should pay an NHS/Social Carte tax directly proportional to their income.

Projects could be stopped: HS2 should never have been started, will probably never be finished...…road building paused...

Collect all taxes due-Amazon, Google
Stop fraud
Stop overseas tax havens
Stop purchaser provider, PFI, Integrated Care Boards-waste money like water, privatise, bidding, contracting, legal,
Recover Covid fraudulent payments

This Tory Government and Labour both want to extend privatisation, outsourcing, private US medical insurance

My fear is that BOTH will announce plan to
-give the NHS and Our hospitals to Centene, United Health, Netcare etc
-who own the hospitals
-employ doctors
-sell insurance

and salaried GPs on stricter contracts (unless they emigrate…)

Privatisation is less effective, more expensive, steals frontline staff from the real NHS.

The Cleveland, BMI, BUPA hospitals-excellent though private care can be-should be entirely separate from the real NHS, AND NOT STEAL FRONTLINE STAFF.

The frontline workforce (Doctors, nurses, midwives, anaesthetists), are leaving in droves.

This may be the government’s intention-prior to privatisation, they want fewer, poorly paid workforce.

Julia Patterson has a book out, Critical, which like many others explains the obvious disadvantages to privatisation-taxpayer’s NHS funds being siphoned off to profiteers, whose legal obligation is increased profits and returns to CEOs at every level, and shareholders.

RETENTION is the most urgent priority: If government treat workforce like shit (like they did NHS dentists) they will emigrate or quit. Full pay restoration (in stages, if the government admit they have bankrupted the UK) is absolutely urgent now, as droves leave for the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand...

Recruitment of medics is useless unless training places are extended. It takes eleven years to train a GP

Shroedinger’s cat
Farage and Coutts
Huw Edwards

distracting from
Boris’s multiple phones, erased Signal messages
Barclay’s refusal to stop emigration, and retain by full pay restoration…

Every reported problem is ended by standard spin from DHSS
“we have invested record sums” (£1 more than last year…!)
we are taking action
everything being done
lies, spin, obfuscation-the DHSS spin machine rebuttal unit...


"Going private" takes NHS teams from the NHS.

In the US, comprehensive private health insurance-$24,000 a year.

In the UK, Bupa for 75 year man-£650 each month-with few items available, still using rump NHS for acute emergencies, and NHS ambulances...

Tax relief on private subscriptions takes money from the NHS.

Private hospitals taking money from the NHS reduces funds for the real NHS, and takes frontline staff from the real NHS, and depletes hospital treatments.


If there was a prudent surplus of doctors, and GPs, appointments could be made more promptly, with fewer leaving due to anxiety, depression, burnout...

Why do frontline staff not speak out???

Any frontline worker employed by a Foundation Trust is not allowed to speak to the press-under threat of dismissal, refer to GMC, career suicide!

Public finance Initiative cost seven times more: anybody pointing disadvantages out was sacked, threatened, career halted.

Whistleblowers still get referred to GMC, career halted, driven to depression or suicide.


Clinical directors may falsify targets to gain funding, or to paper over errors in treatment...

Surgeons, doctors, radiographers, midwives, nurses are all in extremely short supply due to Tory government cuts-and feel anxiety, depression, burnout being unable to treat patients well.

Bed numbers have been slashed.

Nurses numbers have been slashed.

Doctor numbers, GP numbers, Dentists have been slashed: government are responsible-and delight in reducing numbers, wage totals, ready for privatisation.

The Kaiser Permanente model has been enthusiastically adopted by Hunt, Coffrey (!!!) , Barclay, as strategy.

US style Accountable Care Organistations aim to keep patients out of hospital to reduce cost.

US style insurance companies imcrease propfits by refusing treatment, reducing items covered, which means bancruptcy, arguing, appeals to get reimbursed.-an absolute nightmare

but one which Thatcher wanted

Frank Dobson tried to reduce privatisation-and was sacked

Milburn was bought in to inreade privatisation by Blair


Historical differences in the UK regions:

Labour and Blair, up to 2010, had raised funding to nearer the EU average, but still below

A % was absorbed by purchaser provider-15%
but staff levels improved, elective waits reduced, facilities renewed or renovated
2010 NHS was in pretty good shape.

Lansley claimed falsely restructuring was necessary, Cameron “status quo not an option”
(Europe data they used was not comparable, highly unreliable, static not trends)

The choice was between handing over a public service to profiteers (shareholders, exec salaries),
but there is scope for improvement within the public NHS

Norway and Iceland very successful public NHS


Scots very resistant to privatisation
Lib Dem/Labour realised no support
Area Health Boards, Foundation Trusts not forced, payment by results not forced
PFI used only for three hospitals, one ISTC Stracathro-controversy-ended purchaser provider, returned direct administration, closed market option
2002 Lab-LibDem made elderly personal care free, not means tested
2007 minority SNP
2008 hosp car parking charges abolished (ex PFI hospitals)
2010 abolished prescription charges 2011
no more PFI
Glasgow's biggest hospital built with public funds
ISTC Stracathro public
plans to outsource health centre dropped
Out of hours publicly funded
2009 elections for public health boards

Marketisers portray Scotland as a failure-misusing statistics

since 2005 waiting times fallen faster-shortest, or second shortest of four nations

over ten years 1999-2008 mortality dropped as fast as England's
Matthew Dunningham -objective comparison England v other devolved nations very important
(Leys and Player The Plot Against the NHS)


for eight years after devolution, Labour minority government, to Labour-Plaid Cymru in 2007
Purchaser provider remained, no Foundation hospitals or Payment by results (throughput, not quality)
Collaboration and planning, not on markets, contracts, tensions, admin costs
After 2007 Lab Plaid, purchaser provider dropped
2009 major reform: seven integrated Local Health Boards
inc public health, link health and social care
Not elected-but must represent local primary care, community care, public health, local government, voluntary, lay members
In Powys purchaser provider split abolished much earlier
(in England, community services forced private)
No PFI, abolished prescription charges 2007, abolished parking charges, expanded nursing care free, flat rate personal care charges

In England
Scotland and Wales respect democracy, and medical profession
main reason is cost-market admin costs 15%
will still have a public health service-whereas England will have none…

Cameron's rush to privatise has no foundation in evidence
serves no interest except to huge profits for private health industry

Good health care excludes vast profit making
with sufficient public funding, WISELY SPENT, the public NHS principle can prevail!

The NHS is not for selling


There is no public demand for a different (insurance) model: we simply need waste stopping
the system supported by government-not dismantling!!!