January blog

The tax cutting right wing caused the absolute “no more money for anything” syndrome.

They say “copy the French, German, Australian mixed funding model…”
but all the others respect and appreciate their doctors, nurses midwives, radiographers, anaesthetists paramedics, and do not hold down their pay by knobbling the “Independent” Pay review bodies., and have double the doctors, nurses, beds...

If medic places are doubled today, it is eleven years before they can become a GP, with £60k plus debt.
-if they choose to work in general practice, beset by higher energy costs, short of full-time-eqivalent doctors, practice nurses, receptionists, medical IT secretaries

only to be denigrated by the Mail and Right wing politicians (who are all on double the salary, with expenses).
overloaded with euphemistically called “care by the community”

I am sure that any rich citizen will self pay, or have private GP, or private insurance, but is still better in the NHS for emergency cardiac, stroke, childbirth, RTA etcMy point being that a cabinet full of millionaires cannot possibly form policy for the ordinary UK citizen- they are completely out of touch, insulated from reality: delusional....
MPs can claim expenses, can be whistled into The Cleveland, with an in house private GP, a private ambulance and paramedic…
My wife worked 40 years in SCBU Lincoln- leaving because staff were so busy watching their backs against malpractice suits, bullying managers, taking early retirement…Overworked, under-staffed, downgraded, experienced staff being forced out, replaced by cheaper newbiesWe have many frontline staff as friends- many nurses leave, end shifts in tears, all say workforce shortages were obvious a decade ago, and a CEO of Lincoln glad to get out- requests for more staff, doctors, beds rejected, A high end nurse left in anger and depression- left to hospice, then at least, returned as a brilliant MacMillan cancer nurse-who are in short supply
The DH have spent the last thirteen years dismantling and reducing the NHS and SC, and now this has come back to bite them on the nose!

Read John Lister on The Lowdown

I’ve never heard so much twiddle from Barclay.

After Truss’s disastrous loose canon unfounded tax cuts, Hunt, previously demanding a funded workforce plan, now has to say “absolutely no money for NHS and S C- forced by The Markets due to yearsof overborrowing to pay for ridiculous vanity projects like HS2.

He hides behind the Autumn statement

Review bodies have for decades been instructed to hold down pay to regulate every other sector.

Frontline staff are leaving in drones, burnt out, risking strike off by GMC etc

Pay-Junior doctors are 20% down, nurses 20% down

Beds have been cut due to PFI-smaller hospitals, fewer doctors, nurses, midwives…
Hospital shut, land sold off- could be used for free designated parking, “assess to discharge” pods with nurses to help bed blocking

Barclay has no duty to provide comprehensive healthcare: this duty should be reinstated.

He hides behind disIntegrated care boards, whose only duty is to end the year in balance: all are in deficit, “promising” to end in balance to obey Treasury limits.
They certainly care about keeping their jobs.

Maintenance has been halted: hospitals with RAAC are propped up with 500 Acrow props: foundations for a new bigger replacement should have been finished years ago…


10% now, 9% in April

Barclay says “we will report back shortly”

If you want to destroy the NHS and SC completely, and lose the election horrendously- you are succeeding in spades

?Barclay can blather on and on with his lies- but pay review bodies have been knobbled for years, instructed to reduce awards to keep other sectors down.

More Nurses, junior doctors , beds are required now!!!
Hundreds are leaving, few being recruited.

Pay nurses, junior doctors and Social care workers properly!

A and E frontline workers are ending shifts in tears, burnt out, demoralised and depressed.

More beds, “assess to discharge” pods, with staff, more doctors, nurses, midwives, GPs :stop destroying the NHS and Social care.

Stop waffling spin and lies!


The government regards the BMA (“the doctor’s union”) and the RCGPs, RC of Emergency medicine, Midwives, Nurses unions, etc as “the enemy”, representing only “provider interests”,
rather than the key organisations devoted to better healthcare.

Ambulance and A&E problems are the immediate concerns, leading to deaths, rather than elective care waiting lists.

Frontline manpower are penalised by the government dictating to the Review bodies at the start of the year-April- to hold down other sector’s pay.

These bodies could be really independent and recommend at the end of the year, backdated- but government would then ignore them, rather than hide behind their puppets in swindling frontline staff-and junior doctors, of fair pay to recruit and retain frontline staff- preferring to appoint non-medical “managers” to spin on the government’s true intentions: to grind down the NHS and social care and impose private medical insurance.

Nihil carborundum illegitimi…
Never let the bastards grind you down!

?Increase GP numbers: double medic places, no tuition fees, less paperwork, reduce waste of early retirement, part time.
Ten minute rushed appointments very depressing, anxiety of wrong diagnosis.

Need receptionists increased pay

Desirable 24/7 GP appointments, Out of hours care, face to face can only be provided with double the numbers of GPS…

?Government urged “Foundation Trust” hospitals to sell off land and buildings to remain solvent-rather than build free designated parking for frontline staff...
or build assess to discharge pods, with nurses to reduce bed blocking

Any system needs more beds, more nurses in A and E

Recruit and retain new UK nurses, return bursaries, increase pay

Increase junior doctors pay, subsidised accommodation,

Stop waste of “purchaser provider”-only kept to allow hospitals sell care to private profiteers unable to provide A & E, ITU, RTA orthopaedics-15% of annual spend wasted here!
Stop PFI: ten times the cost of a hospital
Stop fraud, “eat out”, furlough, PPE waste, test and trace waste £37 billion
Stop overseas tax avoidance havens
Make Amazon, Google pay proper tax.

Doctors and GPs are well qualified after five years med school, and six years in hospital to be a GP.

They have, in effect, two PhDs, and are independent professionals: they may chose hospital careers, or turn to be a self employed GP

If requested to be a salaried employee, the contract needs to be suitable and acceptable.

The premises need to be bought out, and expenses, ancillary staff also paid

If targets and requirements are fixed, then GPS may not accept the contract, and go private, emigrate or quit.

None of the advocates of ‘alternative models’ and more private sector involvement is willing to address the fact that the health insurance industry does not want to recruit older people (who are more likely to make a claim, and more likely to have more than one pre-existing condition) and charges hefty higher age-related premiums to deter them.

The growth of “self-pay” private treatment for those without insurance cover has been much slower than the growth of the waiting lists – as the hefty costs and limited range of such treatments act as a barrier to most.

Private hospitals (average size 40 beds) are not geared up in any way to handle emergencies or complex cases, and have never shown any interest in doing so. In other words, even for the wealthiest people needing emergency treatment there is no private sector option that avoids the long queues of ambulances and delays in accessing NHS A&E departments.

What is more worrying is that Liz Truss herself has embraced many of the right wing policies and “solutions”. She is one of an 8-strong Parliamentary Board of the 1828 Committee, whose ‘Neoliberal Manifesto’, published jointly with the Adam Smith Institute in 2019, condemns the NHS record as “deplorable” and calls for the UK to “emulate the social health insurance systems as exist in countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Israel, among others.” The Manifesto is silent on the fact that (with the exception of the deeply flawed Israeli system) all of its preferred models spend much more per head on health than the UK.

For instance, if the Labour contract says: “we will halve medic training, pay half the existing stipend, each and every doctor must be on duty 24 hours, seven days a week, and must do out of hours, and see every patient on the practice list that same day”, Labour might have no GPs.

Self referral!

A GP has eleven years of intense skill training, is best placed to form a pretty accurate differential diagnosis, request the necessary tests, diagnostics and investigations- ideally from the best specialist (but now only the one the ICB can afford or choose…)

If any layman can Google, YouTube his own diagnosis and self refer-Labour might have no specialist pre consultants or consultants remaining…

NHS dentistry

Pre 1990, enthusiastic hard working dentists could make a modest income providing the full range of treatment-including crowns, chrome dentures and bridges: they risked being thrown out of the NHS for costing government too much.

The BDA meekly accepted the disastrous 1990 contract with lower and lower fees to deter dentists.

Many wrote to Tony Blair suggesting removal of these items, to allow higher fees for basics-including acrylic dentures.

Dentists who worked hard received lower and lower fees from a fixed global sum, dictated by Review body limited by government diktat.

Government have welcomed the departure of NHS dentistry-Thatcher, Howes, Redwood and Letwins’ dream.

With covid requiring air con, less use of turbines and ultrasonic scalers, dentists redesigned their surgeries with smooth walls and floors, no cabinets, with computer systems, intraoral cameras and new smooth dental units and chairs-maybe 50-100k investment, with highly qualified motivated assistants: many then chose to go private, catering only for the wealthy. Charges of £900 a milled crown, £120 for a white filling, £600 for chrome dentures are common.

Steve Sanford B.Ch.D Hons 1972-no tuition fees!

Shortage of NHSand Social Care, Care homefrontline workers
During the non-Brexit Brexit, many suggested that frontline staff already working in the NHS, Social Care and Care homes be awarded UK citizenship-and clearly told they were very welcome and appreciated.
Similarly, temporary six month visas for fruit and vegetable pickers…, HGV drivers etc
Qualified doctors and nurses should be welcome, not subject to Theresa Mays Hostile environment…